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Dr. Kurt Kish

“I first saw Dr. Kish because of headache pain that was so intense I could not drive my car. With his help, my headaches were relieved quickly, and I am able to function again. I now get adjusted monthly to try to prevent any problems from coming back.”
- Michele S.

“I suffered with low back pain for years, which prevented me from bending, walking properly, sitting or standing for long periods. It even made me moody, irritable and offending towards others. With Dr. Kish’s help, I am now pain free and able to take long walks and do household chores.”
- Barbara G.

“My daughter referred me to Dr. Kish because I had pain in my lower spine, across my back, down my thigh to my knee for about 6 weeks. It was hard for me to walk and do daily activities. I love coming to the office; from the first time I walked in, I was treated very well and the care I was given was great. Dr. Kish is very understanding and listens to what is wrong before performing any adjustments on you. Dr. Kish can help the problem, and if he knows he can’t, he will tell you. Before coming to Dr. Kurt Kish’s office, I had seen numerous doctors. I had gone to my primary medical doctor, a bone doctor, and an orthopedic doctor, with results that weren’t nearly as good as with chiropractic care. I felt relief within just a few adjustments with the activator method. Since coming on a regular, basis I am able to walk much better, get out to visit friends and family more often; however, my wife still gives me TLC, no house work for me! I would recommend anyone to Dr. Kish. I was astonished at how effective this approach is. Thank you so much Dr. Kish, you’re the best!”
- Thomas T.

“I was originally referred to Dr. Kish by my sister-in-law, for low back pain, a sciatica-like pain which I had been experiencing for a couple of months. I also have had a mild scoliosis, which I had never looked after. It was a great experience on my initial visit to have a full thorough review of the physical and mental aspect of my case. Dr. Kish was very understanding and genuine. I began to feel a difference and get relief after my second adjustment. Before coming here, I was in a bit of a slump and this was a nice positive step to taking care of myself. Obviously, helping the back pain made a difference in the activities I could pursue. Coming here has changed my life in a positive direction. I now come every month to five weeks and I definitely have felt a difference from the adjustments. They help keep me in alignment and keep me going. I would say the single most important reason why I come here is knowing I am doing a positive thing for my body and mind. As a result of coming here, I feel much better both in my low back and hip area, and knowing it is a healthy thing to do for your body. If I were to develop a different condition, I would by all means come here to be treated, because I feel that chiropractic can help the different parts of your body not only physically, but mentally as well. I would highly recommend others to see Dr. Kurt C. Kish for care.”
- Barbara M.

“My name is Mel. I have been a patient of Dr. Kish’s since 1987 when I was injured in an accident between a car and truck. When I originally came to the office I could barely walk. Dr. Kish helped me to recover from this accident. I am permanently disabled but Dr. Kish has made it possible for me to function better, and I can now walk straight. I originally had to see an orthopedic surgeon for my case, but he did not help me as much as Dr. Kish has. Because there you were questioned and had X-rays taken, and that was it; Dr. Kish did the actual work. The care that is provided here is fantastic. You can’t ask for better. Dr. Kish is a true gentleman. I would recommend anyone to come here, because he is great. Coming to the office doesn’t feel like you’re in a doctor’s office, you feel like you’re family. I feel comfortable here. Today, I came in for my routine maintenance adjustment and I told Dr. Kish about the swelling, pain and lack of movement in my right wrist. After just a few quick adjustments to my wrist and thumb, I was able to move my thumb in all directions without pain before I even left the office. I would recommend anyone to come here; he’s a great person and doctor.”
- Mel B.

“I was referred to Dr. Kish by my supervisor at work who had been treated for various aches and pains in the past. At first I was a little uncomfortable (due to my lack of knowledge of chiropractic) but after she explained Dr. Kish’s method of “activator adjustments,” I called for an appointment right away. My initial consult with Dr. Kish was one of a kind. I have NEVER met a doctor with so much patience (no pun intended) and understanding. We had a nice conversation about chiropractic and he actually listened and answered all of my questions. Dr. Kish was very thorough and took the time to explain my options. My symptoms were intense discomfort in my neck and shoulder blade area with a severe lack of range of motion. I began noticing a difference form my first adjustment and started to feel better with each visit! Now – a few weeks later, I am feeling 98% better on a daily basis, and can anticipate 100% recovery in the very near future! I would highly recommend treatments by Dr. Kish if you are feeling discomfort, whether it be your neck, back, legs, etc.! I NEVER thought I would look forward to a doctor’s visit!”
- Kelly A.

“Before coming to Dr. Kish, I had constant discomfort and bouts of pain in my lower back and shoulder area. I was afraid of any kind of physical activity. Since coming, I have gained knowledge of where the problems stem from. This alone was a comfort. Knowing that my problem is correctable and there will be relief coming. Dr. Kish explained where my problems stem from and treatment options. He speaks in layman terms and takes the time to answer all questions. Coming to the office is a relaxing experience. As for the physical effects, I am no longer afraid of yard work or play, doing more damage and the constant discomfort and bouts of pain are all but gone.”
- Rose C.

“I have been coming to your office now for several years for chiropractic adjustments. Until the start of this year, I would wait until I did something stupid to throw out my back, then crawl into your office for an adjustment. In January 2001, I started coming monthly for regular adjustments, and the results have been very positive and worthwhile. I have NOT changed my lifestyle, I continue to do stupid things, but knock on wood, I have NOT had any problems since going to a monthly schedule. SO being proactive has proven to be very beneficial. Thank you.”
- Jim W.

“I had been suffering with a stiff neck and sore shoulder for about 8 months. A friend of mine recommended seeing Dr. Kish. I took her advice and I can now say that was the best thing I could have done. His exam was very thorough and educating as well. The X-rays he took revealed a few other problems I was unaware of. Within just a few weeks of treatment, I started to feel like myself again. I had forgotten driving a car was supposed to be painless. I see Dr. Kish on a regular basis now and I haven’t felt this good in years. His adjustments are gentle, and very effective. My friends tell me they’re glad I’m back to being myself again. I didn’t realize while I was in pain I was so moody and angry most of the time. Thanks to Dr. Kurt C. Kish and his gentle adjusting technique, waking up each morning pain free is normal to me now. I can’t thank my friend and Dr. Kish enough.”
- Ann S.

“I felt great, then one day I couldn’t get out of bed. I didn’t know what to do. My husband made an appointment for me with his chiropractor, Dr. Kish. I was able to get in to see him that afternoon. After a very thorough exam, and a few X-rays, Dr. Kish found where my problem was. We set up an adjustment program for me and I was on my way back to good health. Dr. Kish’s adjustment method is very gentle, very specific, and painless. I haven’t felt this good in years; actually, it’s been so long I forgot what it is like being pain free. I didn’t know pain affected my moods and attitude at the time, but I know it now. I see Dr. Kish on a regular basis now, and aspirin is the last thing I think of using.”
- Ruth S.

“I first started coming to see Dr. Kurt C. Kish for lower back pain I have had for years. I was unable to bend down or walk properly. The pain was with me 24/7 and affected my ability to sit and stand for long periods of time. The pain also affected my personality; I could not feel comfortable so I became grouchy and abrupt to the point of affecting others. Pain was relieved with adjustments over a 4-week period. With montly adjustments, pain has not returned. Any other pain or discomfort from other sources is also relieved by an adjustment. I realize the importance of chiropractic in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When I get my severe headaches or overexert myself on my job, Dr. Kish has alleviated the pain with his adjustments. My outlook on life has changed for the better because I am pain free and happy. Dr. Kish is professional, courteous, honest and respectful of privacy and extremely knowledgeable. I have complete confidence in him. Much thanks!”
- Barb G.

“I started coming to see Dr. Kish for a backache I had for many months prior to treatment. My son-in-law referred me to him. I feel the office is wonderful! Dr. Kish is very patient, caring and listens to you. The hip pain I had made it painful to carry my grandchild and at times made me short tempered. Since coming to Dr. Kish I come in with some pain, and leave feeling much, much better. I feel Dr. Kish is a miracle worker! I am in disbelief. I think the activator treatment I receive is effective and helpful, more than I thought possible. I would recommend Dr. Kish to everyone. He is a true miracle worker!”
- Linda S.


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